Me = Mother.

What really annoys me about motherhood is when other women judge me for deciding not to return to working until the children start school. I always have to smile my way through the same stupid comments, 'Don't you have any ambitions of your own?','how very unfeminist of you',”why don’t you go to college or something?’ and 'i take it you are not a feminist then?


a, I have many ambitions all of which will still be achievable in 3 years time.

b, No, how very unfeminist of you, how can you be so unsupportive and judge-mental and mean to a woman for making her own choices in life.

c. I have been to college thanks, i have also been to University to get my BA(hons), and i do not appreciate how you have assumed my wanting to nurture my children is linked to a poor education. 


I don’t know when it became so unacceptable in society to want to look after your own children, some people actually seem to recoil at the very thought, Why don’t you mind your own business and concentrate on how you wan’t to parent your own children.